> Core Aeration & Seeding FAQ

The key to successful seeding is patience! If you have any specific question bout the service completed on your property contact our friendly Customer Care Team 732-370-5963!

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Preparing for my Core Aeration & Seeding Services:

Will Core Aertaion & Seeding damage my inground sprinkler system?

If the irrigation lines are installed correctly and by code, we will not punture any lines. If you have have low lying lines, it is your responsbilty to tell us. Always make sure to mark your irrigation system prior to us coming out to your property for your fall aeration and seeding. Easy ways to mark your irrigation system are by using flags from any home improvement store. Your irrigation company may be able to come out and mark them for you, or you can even use white plastic forks!

What if I have an invisible dog fence?

I you have an invisible dog fence, the underground fence will have to be marked before the service can be complete.

What to expect now that my lawn has been seeded:

How often should I water my new seed?

Specific watering instructions based on current conditions wil be left after the service is complete. For best results he seed MUST be kept moist, seed that dries out will not germinate. You have to be careful because over watering can cause trouble too.

  • Keep ground moist not saturated
  • Stay off grass!
  • Keep elave off the lawn

How long until I see new grass?

If recommended instrustiond are left and Mother Nature cooperatess you should seed to germinating 21 days after the service hase been complte.

What to do is there are leaves on your lawn?

Keeping your turf free of leaves is important as the newly planted grass can be smothered by wet leaves on top of the turf areas. We recommend using a leaf blower instead of raking them until the new turf is established.