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 I have been using their service since I moved into my home three years ago. They do a great job and my lawn always looks great. My neighbors always compliment me on how healthy my lawn looks. Their technicians are friendly, professional, and always take the time to answer any of my questions..

- John G. 

Freehold, New Jersey

The best lawn service

Over 37 Years of Expert Lawn Care Experience

lawn care safe for famlies

​Rich Green Lawns has developed a comprehensive lawn care program that meets the demands of our local environment. Every lawn is different, and in our unique position as the local leader in lawn care and Turfgrass management, we are able to tailor our programs to meet the needs of your lawn because of our thirty seven years of experience. 

Typically, our Lawn Care Programs includes:​

  • Crabgrass pre-emergent is a prevention measures
    that deter undesirable annual grassy weeds from
    growing in your lawn. 

  • Organic-based Granular Fertilizer Time Released
    Fertilizer applied during optimal times throughout
    the season​​ to allow your lawn to receive healthy increments of nutrients and avoid excessive runoff.

  • Insect Control  provided in our basic program is a surface feeding eating insect control. It controls the insects that destroy grass from the top of the plant.  

  • Weed Control is a targeted approach to control existing weeds.  This approach allows the opportunity to  use of excessive chemicals. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques are utilized allowing us to reduce the need for chemical use.

  • Other Services & Upgrades: Every lawn has its own set of concerns. Whatever the concern is, from Lawn Disease Prevention, Grub Prevention & Control, Kyllinga Control, Nutsedge Control, poor color, or compaction, we will have a service to make your lawn look RICH and GREEN!

 We can provide you with a Rich Green Lawn by working together as a team. Cultural practice such as mowing, and watering are essential to the success of your lawn care program.

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