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Best Practices for Lawn Mowing

Proper mowing of your lawn is critical to the overall health and wellbeing of grass. It is the difference between having the best lawn on the block or the one that looks like it needs a little help. When mowed properly, your lawn can be the most attractive lawn on the block.

When improper mowing techniques are used, your lawn can be more susceptible to environmental stresses brought on from heat and drought. It can easily make the lawn more susceptible to diseases and weed outbreaks as well as greatly dictate the color and overall health of the plant.

For best results on your turf, we recommend cutting your lawn when it needs it.

1. The height - We know cutting your grass short is a popular look and one option homeowners make to

avoid multiple cuts in a week; however, by cutting your lawn short you are jeopardizing the overall health of the grass plant. With cool season grasses, we recommend cutting at the highest setting 3” + and mowing when needed. The height of the grass plant is crucial around edges that are near stone, concrete, and pavement. These common hot zones are often cut way too short making the turf VERY susceptible to weed outbreaks.

2. Mowing Patterns – The turf tends to lean in the direction that is mowed. To help promote upright growth we recommend cutting the lawn in different directions each time the grass is mowed. One week cut horizontal straight lines the next cut diagonal lines, the next cut vertical straight lines and continue to rotate.

3. Sharpen Mower Blades – for our DIYers you want to sharpen your mower blades whenever they go dull. A general rule of thumb is 1-2 times per season after 25 hours of service. Dull blades slow down your mower, create ragged cuts that increase the risk of insects and diseases and leaving your lawn susceptible to browning and withering.

A properly mowed lawn will put you in the running for best lawn on the block. Following these recommendations will aid in delivering the best results for your lawn’s health.


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