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Warm Wet Winter Worries

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Long time no turf talk…

My dreams of a blizzard are quite literally melting away. Which is a perfect segway to the next topic I want to write about. We had a MILD winter… dare I even say a spring-like winter. Now you may not be thinking about it yet, but lawn season is right around the corner and this current winter is going to have HUGE effects on our springtime and summertime enjoyment on our lawns. (Yes- our lawns- for those of you who read my first post, my husband and I will be closing our new house in the next MONTH! #FingersCrossed)

The average temperature in Monmouth County this winter was 43.3 degrees and 44 degrees in Ocean County. And while you may be thinking… ‘What the heck 43/44 degrees is cold’ when it comes to your lawn, those temperatures are not cold enough. During the winter freezes, soil freezes (simple enough) but what happens when the soil doesn’t freeze? Well, it makes for a tough lawn care season ahead. Because the soil did not thoroughly freeze, the weeds did not naturally die off making it easier for weeds to spring up earlier in the season and more frequently.

The good news… if you have a Rich Green Lawn program, service calls are free* for the entire season! The bad news… the weeds are not going to be our only problem this spring and summer. Ticks and mosquitoes are going to be at an all-time high and will most likely begin appearing earlier than usual. This issue can be linked directly to the mild temperatures we had this winter. So, for all of you out there who didn’t wear their pajamas inside out and wish for a snowstorm with me, I guess we can thank you for our mosquito bites. 😊 There is a silver lining to this issue, Rich Green Lawns does offer mosquito and tick control programs. I would highly suggest looking into these programs and getting a quote just to get some more information.

I am still holding on to hope for a snowstorm but not just for a snow day filled with sledding and hot chocolate but because mosquito bites drive me crazy!

Here’s to dreaming…


Turf Girl


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