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Protect Your Family from Tick-Borne Diseases in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are over 3,200 new cases of Lyme's Disease ever year. 70% of those cases are people infected in their own backyards. The New Jersey Department of Health says, "Reducing exposure to ticks is the best way to protect yourself and your family against Lyme disease." 

Our Tick Program is four applications throughout the season designed to suppress the tick population during heightened periods of activity. We target ticks where they live.  For example, shaded areas, under decks & sheds, tall grassy areas, woodline, underbrush, landscaped areas. 

Information provided by New Jersey Department of Health Communicable Disease Services 

My lawn has never looked better! I’d recommend them to anyone.

-Anthony R.

Hamilton, New Jersey

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How soon after a tick bite do symptoms occur?


Lyme disease 3-30 days

Ehrlichiosis 7-14 days

Anaplasmosis 7-14 days

Rocky Mt. spotted fever 2-14 days

Babesiosis 7-63+ days

Reduce your chances of getting a tick-borne disease by checking your body for ticks.

Be sure to check these parts of your body:

Under the arms         In/around the ears

Inside belly button    Back of the knees

In/around the hair     Between the legs

Around the waist       On the scalp

Our New Jersey state licensed, uniformed professionals in the field are trained to target ticks where they live. 

Let us protect your yard so family, friends and pets are not in harm's way.  Our professional staff proudly provides Tick Control Services in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, and Mercer Counties-all communities where we live because local service matters! Check out our service area page to see if we provide professional service to your town like we do in:

Wall Township, Rumson, Manalapan, Jackson, Monroe, Bayhead, Toms River, Hamilton & Old Bridge!

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