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Love these guys saved my lawn. Staff was friendly and took their time to explain things to me. All around great experience.

- Xavier F.

 Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Over 30 Years of Expert Lawn Care Experience

​Core Aeration

 Fall is the BEST time of year to rejuvenate your lawn. With yearly or semi yearly Core Aeration you can help your lawn achieve its full potential. This mechanical process removes cores of soil about the width of a quarter and the length of an index finger, approximately 5/8" in diameter and 1-3" deep.

The benefits of Core Aeration are:​

  • Reduce Compaction - Soil compaction prevents 
    water, oxygen and nutrients to getting the root
    system of the grass plant. Creating an environment 
    for healthy root development will help
    foster a plant
    that is more tolerant to drought and other extreme
    weather conditions. 

  • Improves Oxygen Content 

  • Reduces Thatch - reducing thatch is very important because the thatch layer becomes a breeding ground for insects and diseases. 

  • Stimulates Root Growth & Increased Lawn Density - Now that air, water, and nutrients can now enter the soil it allows for new deeper roots which encourages growth. 

 We can provide you with a Rich Green Lawn by working together as a team. Cultural practice such as mowing, and watering are essential to the success of your lawn care program.

Core Aeration


 Fall is the BEST time to seed your lawn! Seeding needs can change drastically every year. As weather conditions rapidly change the stresses your lawn experiences have a critical factor in the plant's longevity.  


Just like humans the grass plant has a natural life cycle and is affected by adverse conditions differently. The older the grass variety the less likely it may be to adapt to different weather patterns. It is highly recommended that ANYTIME you can introduce new and improved variety of seed to your lawn you should. 


For seeding your lawn one of our highly trained professionals in the field can stop by and evaluate the specific need you have. 

Working together we can get your Rich Green Lawn!

Call today to request a FREE CUSTOM SURVEY. 

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