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Perimeter Pest Control
We have a solution for what is bugging you! 

Protect your family and prevent bugs from entering your home. 

5 star service

Love these guys saved my lawn. Staff was friendly and took their time to explain things to me. All around great experience.

- Xavier F.

 Tinton Falls, New Jersey

STOP bugs and insects before they enter your home with our four-application Perimeter Pest Control Program. Creating a protective barrier to prevent unwanted pests that are known to spread dangerous diseases from entering your home is a safe and cost-effective solution to avoid a bug invasion. Seasonal treatments will help target pest populations and help prevent pest problems inside.

The most common pests we treat for are:

Ants, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, earwigs, kudzu bugs, lady beetles, millipedes, mud daubers, paper wasps, scorpions, sow bugs, spiders, and stink bugs.

Not covered under program:

Wood-destroying organisms, including termites, bedbugs, bees, fleas, German cockroaches, hornets, pharaoh ants, rodents, and ticks.

How does this service differ from your mosquito or tick control service?

Our Perimeter Pest Control program is our only service that uniquely targets pests that can invade the home. This application focuses on control around the perimeter of your home’s structure. Our other insect control programs are designed to control pests that reside outdoors and on plant material found in your landscape.

If your home currently has a pest insect infestation, is this the program for you?

No, this is a preventative service that strategically places pest control products around the outside of the home to help reduce the opportunity for pests to get into it. The perimeter pest program is not intended to eliminate those pests that are inside the structure.


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