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How much should I water my lawn?

The number one question asked by our clients is how much should I water my lawn?

The answer isn’t as easy as you may think, every lawn is different. Just like each one of us. There are several factors from the soil compaction, shade, the air circulation on the property, as well as to the pH level of your soil all contribute to water availability to the grass plant. The water needs change drastically and rapidly throughout the season.

· The best time of day to water is during the lawns natural period of moisture. After the evening dew sets and before the morning dew evaporates. Usually between midnight and 6am.

· A long and infrequent watering is recommended for best results. It is important to make sure the water can reach the depth of roots. Therefore, this can be achieved by longer watering schedules.

Therefore, shorter watering creates shallow roots making the plant more susceptible to drought and summer heat, weakening the plant. It is important the roots are wet but that the grass blade has time to dry out.

We have very general recommendations that must be curtailed to the specific needs of your property.

70°-80° Degree Weather

Approximately 25-30 minutes every other day

80°-90° Degree Weather

Approximately 35 – 45 minutes every other day

90°+ Approximately 45 – 60 minutes every other day

Generally, we recommend setting up your sprinklers with your house numbers. Meaning, if you have an even house number we recommend to water on even days and if you have an odd number, we recommend setting up the sprinklers to turn on, on the odd days.

There is nothing better than spending time outside on your lawn. Remember the summer heat adds a lot of extra stress to the grass plant. Following our recommendations will help promote an environment for a healthy lawn all summer long.


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